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Original Xbox Component Cable

Original Xbox Component Cable

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1pc  Original Xbox Component Cable.

Our High Definition component video cables are custom made using high quality (OEM) Xbox 360 component cables.   These cables are fully tested to provide you with the highest quality component video output from your Original Xbox.


Why buy this cable over cheaper alternatives?

These are made from 100% original second generation 360 OEM cables  Visually you can see the quality difference between real OEM and fake cables in online adverts.

Fake cables are made using cheap Chinese cables and then modified poorly to cut cost. 

The OEM 360 cables are grey in color, and we include the necessary modifications to incorporate an original Xbox A/V plug into the 360 component cable. 

The Xbox A/V plug  (the socket that goes into the Original Xbox Console) is 100 percent brand new from the factory (These are NOT cut from a cheap aftermarket cables and simply resolded).  We have found using new sockets dramatically improves the output quality.

We buy all our Xbox 360 cable in Australia and all Xbox sockets are brand new from the factory in Japan.

Each cable is carefully made, rigorously tested, and made to last using precision techniques that have been refined over many years. 

Also I ship express post for all my items to ensure you receive them sooner.

How to use

Plug-in the cable and adjust your Xbox's video settings to 720P to experience improved visuals.

The Yellow plug has been converted to coaxial output and a supplied 3D printed over-end cap is provided.  This is printed in-house and is intended to stop interference on the audio line if not used. 


Before buying - Please take note of the below...

1. Your console (assuming it’s been modified or is NTSC) must be able to switch into the original MS dashboard to activate 720p in the settings (please don't believe other sellers claims that 1080p can be displayed, the console is old and only a hand full of games display 1080i…. 720P is a vast improvement over standard) it just won’t work and may crash you console.

2. Your dash must support higher resolution, again a modified console or NTSC (check my other listings for fully loaded modified consoles with skitzed out content!!!)

3. Your games need to be patched to high resolution, again I can help you with this, just look at my fully loaded modified console listings.

This HD cable will not benefit from a standard console with no mods to take full advantage of improved A/V, so please be aware of what/why you are buying and if this is right for you, I cannot be responsible if you make the purchase only to be disappointed with no improvement in A/V quality, but please ask and I will help steer you in the right direction.

When plugging these in and removing them don't pull the cable. Always hold the black part of the plug and pull it out.

In my opinion these component cables are much better than the new HDMI alternative (and cost much less). I have tested both and can honestly say they don’t suffer or have a lack of or too much brightness and darkness it's how the OG Xbox was meant to be played, remember we didn’t have plasma and LCD/LED tv’s 15 years ago!!

Check my other listings for fully modified consoles that compliment this HD component cable, we can work out a package deal to ensure you get the best gaming experience from your Original Xbox.

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