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Original Xbox 3D Printed Fan Housing

Original Xbox 3D Printed Fan Housing

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1pc 3D printed Xbox Original Fan Housing. 

This is used to help replace a worn internal fan. 

Given the original fan is now well over 20 years old, it may no longer be effective keeping your system cool. 

This 3D printed housing is designed to house a NF-a6X25 3pin  60x25mm noctua fan  (other 60mm fans may work but are untested).

Please note before buying...

Noctua fan is not included with this sale (you will need to purchase this separately ~ +$40.00)

This item also requires you to open up your original Xbox to remove the old fan.

This is a 3D printed item using pegt. It  is designed to be durable and will withstand all heat from the xbox internals. 

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