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Xblast Lite (Development Mod)

Xblast Lite (Development Mod)

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Xblast lite (Development Chip)

While previously sold direct to modders like modzville, due to popular demand we are please to offer these to our Australian customers.

This useful development chip enables you to perform tsop recovery, add a lcd screen, lock and unlock the internal hdd,  change region, and also run your favourite custom bios using its own custom Xblast operating system.

Supported XBlast Features: 

  • 1MB flash support. Split as 512KB user bank, 256KB user bank, 256KB OS bank
  • Full XBlast OS software support
  • Parallel character LCD support, with backlight and contrast software control
  • High-speed, high-current driver for D0(1.0-1.5) and LFRAME(1.6,1.6b)
  • Chameleon/Matrix TSOP recovery (A15)
  • Software-controlled TSOP split(1.0,1.1)
  • General purpose inputs/outputs
  • Status LED
  • Chihiro mediaboard basic spoof (Reports as 1024MB FPGA mediaboard)
  • Bank flashing & software control support in Evolution-X dashboard (Chameleon Modchip emulation)
  • Support for 1.0-1.5 no solder adapter (D0 routing)

Package includes:

  • 1x Xblast lite pcb with Xblast OS on it 
  • 1x Header 
  • 1x 1.6 lpc rebuild 


Please note before buying...
If you need the Xblast lite os for a v1.6 RAM upgrade, please message me before buying!

This is a partly open source project, source files can be found here: psyko_chewbacca / xblast_lite_cpld — Bitbucket 

These are NOT prefabricated pcbs and individually assembled by hand with quality 0.8mm solder and flex - we do not use templates or solder paste.

While units may visually differ between batches, every unit is fully tested before being dispatched to customers.   

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