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Original Xbox DVD Delete Kit

Original Xbox DVD Delete Kit

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DVD/Disc Delete Kit for the Original Xbox (this kit is also known as DVD/Disc Elimination Mod).

This kit will allow you to safely remove the DVD drive and replace it with this plug and play kit that will trick the Xbox into thinking the disc drive tray is always closed.

The Original Xbox DVD drives are known to fail due to their old age.  Once they have failed you can remove them and then reuse the space for other enhancements and mods.

Why do i need this and just not use a 'no DVD bios'?

Some games that run from internal storage will throw a 'dirty disc error' or cause other issues if the tray door isn't closed.  By using this kit, the system thinks the DVD is closed and these problematic games will work without error. 

This kit includes:

  • 1 x complete pcb board.
  • 1x 3D Printed housing for the pcb that clamps onto the cage to keep the pcb secure.
  • 1 x DVD Jewel 3d printed holder - so you can remove the disc drive jewel and clip it on the 3d printed part to make it look like its still installed and give a cleaner finish look to your system. 
Please note - if you  are running an unofficial bios like x2 or ind you need to change the config file on the HDD or have an unofficial bios with NO DVD check active.
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